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How to use apparel buyers contact list

Contacting the companies on this database is a great way to start exporting or increase your exports business.

! Send a personalized sales letter or a brochure by mail/post to each company on your list. Our research showed this to be the best and most effective way to introduce your product and find new buyers.

! If the e-mail address is included on the database then you can send them an e-mail message. Note: E-mail message has to look very professional other ways buyers rarely important to SPAM e-mail messages.)

! If the web site address is included on the database you can view their web site and send them a message through their site which more effective than sending a personal message..

! Sending a fax to each company on your list much more effective than anything or you can use the data base for telephone marketing!

Apparel Garments buyers in USA list 

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Quality fashion buyers sales leads are the key to achieving your fashion business marketing and sales objectives. You save countless hours trying to get through to just the right people while taking advantage of our fashion wholesaler and distributors contacts. List of famous fashion buyers
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