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How to write a sale letter to Garment Buyer

Direct marketing (sending a sales letter by mail) is the most effective way to market your products and find new buyers. With all the new technology we have today ( Internet, Phone, Fax, B2B, etc ) more than 80 % of buyers say they prefer to be contacted by sales letter. But you cannot send just any letter. The sales letter that you send represents your company. If it looks good, you look good. If it looks bad, you look bad. If there are mistakes in the letter then the quality of your product is questioned.

An estimated 95% of all sales letters go into the trash. It is important that your sales letter looks nice and is effective in order to be part of the 5% of letters that stay on the importer’s. ( most importantly never forget to mention to whom you are writhing the letter ) Importers generally look at the first paragraph first and If they are still interested they skip down to the last paragraph to look for the seller’s details. Our research showed that buyers generally do not look at the Middle part of the paragraph.

Sales letters don’t sell anymore. Your web site does that now. Your sales letter has two functions. The first is to introduce your company and your products and the second is to direct the reader to your web site. Effective sales letters generally have three to five paragraphs and are arranged in the following manner:

Paragraph 1: Attracting Attention
A recent research study showed that buyers generally spend ten seconds looking at a sales letter to determine if they are interested or not. If within that ten seconds you have convinced the reader that you have a product they would like to buy and resell then they will continue reading. Otherwise the letter goes into the trash.

Paragraph 2: Building Interest and Desire
Once you have the reader’s attention you must give the basic details. Your goal is to show that you have a reliable product that the importer can buy from you and then easily resell in to the retail market for a profit.

Paragraph 3: Pricing of your Products ( Generally people give pricing in the last paragraph )
Here you can explain about your pricing compare to others company’s.. The plus point of writing the price hers is as said above buyers do not look at the Middle part of the paragraph and if they are interest in your letter then they will look for the pricing in the letter and incase they miss still they can find the price on your website.

Paragraph 4: Convincing The Reader
At this point you have the reader’s interest and have given the basics. This paragraph tells the importer the benefits of buying your product. Here you show the buyer how they will benefit from buying your product.

Paragraph 5: Request for Action
This paragraph is short and has only one function: go to your web page for more information. It is very important that you put your web site address in this last paragraph and encourage the reader to go there to see more about your products.

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