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How Not To Write A Sales Letter

 Every word in your sales letter must be chosen carefully. Do not use words that are pushy, like "prompt", and "ASAP", and "at your convenience". Buyers do not like to be pushed into making a decision.

Do not try to flatter the importers with words like "esteemed" and "respected". buyers will give you order because you have a product they want. Not because you tried to inflate their ego.

Do not use abbreviations. Using "B. Rgds" for "Best Regards" and "Tkx" for "Thank You" implies that you are lazy. No buyer wants to do business with someone who is lazy.

Do not misspell any words or use bad grammar. Your sales letter is the only representation of your company that the buyer sees. In their eyes, a poorly written sales letter means poorly produced products.

Do not make the reader hunt for your website address. The goal of your letter is to get the prospective buyer to go to your website for more information and place an order. Put your website address in the last paragraph and also in the contact information at the top of the letter. Make it easy for the buyers to get the information they want and to contact you for more details and possibly a price quote.

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